Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Waters' list

Waters - I've seen him naked.  Wait, did I just type that? Nah, I'm just kidding.  Or am I?  Much like getting to the Tootsie-Roll center of a Tootsie-Pop, the World may never know.

1.  Patti Smith and Kevin Shields The Coral Sea
2.  Fuck Buttons Sweet Horssing
3.  A Place to Bury Strangers  self-titled
4.  TV on the Radio  Dear Science
5.  Stew  Passing Strange Soundtrack
6.  Goldfrapp  Seventh Tree
7.  Atlas Sound  Let the Blind lead those who can see but cannot feel
8.  Beach House Devotion
9.  Santogold Top Ranking and the other one
10.  Meredith Monk   Impermanence
11.  The Teenagers  Reality Check
12.  Glen Campbell   Meet Glen Campbell
13.  Freezepop futurefuturefutureperfect
14.  Bob Mould  District Line
15.  Nico Muhly  Mothertongue
16.  GirlTalk Feed the Animals
17.  Lykke Li  Youth Novels
18.  Cloud Cult  Feel Good Ghosts
19.  Ben Folds  Way to Normal
20.  Bloc Party  Intimacy

1.  Synecdoche, new york
2.  Hunger
3.  A Christmas Tale
4.  Tell No One
5.  The Dark Knight
6.  Reprise
7.  Waltz with Bashir
8.  My Winnipeg
9.  In Bruges
10.  Speed Racer (most underrated film I didn't direct)

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